Why we all need MyIRE


"This is one of medicine’s dirty secrets: Most results, including those that appear in top-flight peer-reviewed journals, can’t be reproduced" - Glen Begley, Amgen WSJ


Our lives depend on our doctors' advice.

We all get sick, and when we do, we turn to our doctor for their expert opinion on how to navigate the available treatment options.

Our doctors depend on scientific research.

Every care choice and piece of advice your doctor provides is based on medical experiments. These experiments are expensive and time consuming for doctors, patients, and industry.

Most research is not reproducible.

Researchers repeat experiments to verify their accuracy. Unfortunately, researchers often get different results when they repeat experiments. This means your doctor’s expert opinion could be based on faulty evidence.

Why it Matters for Everyone

No one should waste their time and put their health at risk to participate in research that can't be reproduced.



Every year, millions of lives are lost despite the best efforts of researchers. Commercial interests shouldn't make that problem worse. MyIRE's novel volume-based economic model incentivizes companies to focus on quality of research produced.



Potential volunteers are looking for studies. Studies are looking for volunteers. We help connect volunteers find studies for which they are eligible



A large amount of research is funded by your tax dollars. If that research is not reproducible, your dollars are going to waste.

Benefits for Industry and Academia

A Single Source of Truth With Integrity


Turning Liabilities Into Assets

A single investigator at Duke University exposed them to $800M liability due to research fraud. This is almost their entire yearly research budget. We can turn your liabilities into revenue producing digital research objects.


Increased Intellectual Property Fluidity

Transfers of IP between sites, studies, and phases involving multiple softwares puts your intellectual property and budget at risk. We empower you to take charge of your data.


Built by Investigators for Investigators

Every day, researchers are bogged down, mired in the distraction of working against and around the tools at their disposal. MyIRE's paperless capable studies empower you to add "y" and find answers.

Is the Status Quo Working?

For anyone?

Odoo • Image and Text

The glut of available research technologies have not led to more precise, accurate, and accountable clinical trials, which both Patients and Industry rely on. Rather, the lack of interoperability worsens an erosion of public trust in science driven by a high failure rate in the ability to replicate studies and massive waste in research funding.

MyIRE, on the other hand, was created to become a public utility for scientific integrity: an interoperable, end-to-end solution for reproducible research. For the first time ever, we can reproduce entire clinical trials with the click of a button.

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