Because sometimes you just need some time.

MyIRE can help you navigate the path from idea to multibillion dollar blockbuster product.

Research is difficult enough without having to manage an entire IT department for your project. We let you focus on your research by providing technology that stays out of your way.  As you grow and scale from an individual home grown or cloud solution into a dedicated hosting environment, we can help you manage both the cost and process of meeting complex regulatory and privacy IT burdens.

We have proven technologies and technical methods that can grow with your business. We provide a pathway of software, processes, and products that from the beginning are designed to reduce vendor lock in -- even from us.

Initial Consultation

Let us understand your current situation and goals.

Needs Assessment

We evaluate your current process and tools looking for fast improvement areas 

Operational Plan

We provide specific actionable steps to help you exceed your goals.

Implement Excellence

Our technology augments your staff, and our staff can augment your technology.

Researchers large and small depend on MyIRE.

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