Ending The Telephone Game of Research Tools

We integrate the tools researchers use into a single, reproducible interface.

Hypothesis Generation

Study Design

Budget Creation

Enrollment + Retention

Study Operations

Data Management + Analytics

Automated Manuscript Creation

End-To-End Reproducibility

We lower the barrier to high integrity research by supplementing a researcher's process with intelligent, integrated tools.


Reference Management meets Knowledge Generation

Design and implement literature reviews while MyIRE creates structured knowledge from your process and findings.


Precision Controlled Participant Flow

Create and conduct scientifically and financially sound work flows while MyIRE keeps track of the details.


Seamlessly Facilitated Complete Accountability

From smart budgets to remote monitoring and data access audits, MyIRE has you covered, so you can focus on participants.


Research Publishing for the Digital Age

Create interactively explorable scientific literature by letting MyIRE be the co-author you wish you always had.


Stand on the Shoulders of Giants

Create derivative works by licensing expertly curated reproducible research.


Tools, on Your Terms

License your research findings as you see fit by extending the work of others while MyIRE protects your data. It's not ours unless you say so.