Mutually Verifiable Scientific Gain

Everyone's time is valuable.

Everyone makes observations and studies things in the real world.

 These observations take valuable time and generate valuable data.

Wasted Time

Most of the time, those efforts go to waste.

From your exercise and diet data to the facts you organized in a paper, there is value to your time and effort, but capturing it and benefiting from it in a meaningful way is all but impossible.

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Digital Research Objects

With MyIRE, as scientists, your processes and resources are rigorously tracked so they can be reused.  

We call these Digital Research Objects.

You can buy them. You can sell them.  You can combine them in new ways.

MYR Cloud

MYR Cloud lets those individuals communicate over a secure network. 

MYR Cloud is a computational network of distributed resources capable of processing highly regulated information. 

We provide this as a complimentary service to our individual and business customers. Enterprises can also host their own affordably.

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MYR Token

MYR Token acts like a credits system based on process verification.

People get credit for data.  People get credit for doing work or adding computational power to the network. 

They only get credit if it follows the path tracked as we specify so there is mutually verifiable scientific gain.

Researchers large and small depend on MyIRE.

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