Completing Your Token Purchaser Screen

In order to comply with US Securities and Exchange Commission ("SEC") requirements for this offering, MyIRE is required to verify that participants in this SAFT are "accredited investors." Moreover, MyIRE is also required to ensure that participants are not involved in money laundering or other criminal activity, reside in countries that are sanctioned by the United States; or are members of, or are related to members of a foreign government.

The state of New York also has specific legislation requiring registration of cryptocurrencies. We have elected not to allow individuals from New York state participate in this offering as a result. Our first question will be whether you reside in New York state. Only if you are not a resident of New York state can you participate in the SAFT.

In order to facilitate compliance with these requirements, MyIRE has engaged Verif-y, a third party vendor, to perform these checks.

We require potential investors to pay a $100 non-refundable application fee to defer the costs of these checks and discourage individuals that are not serious about participating in the SAFT from unnecessarily incurring charges on MyIRE's behalf.

We realize that information you provide to Verif-y as part of the Token Purchaser Screen screen is personal and confidential. The only information that will be made available to MyIRE as part of the Token Purchaser Screen is your name, email address, and your screening status.

After completing your Token Purchaser Screen, you will need to: