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MyIRE, Inc. (myire.com), a developer of software that dramatically reduces the costs and time to complete reproducible research, is proud to announce its strategic partnership with WishKnish (WishKnish.com), a trusted blockchain ecosystem which builds and private labels dApplications to solve complex issues for corporations and Government entities. Together, MyIRE and WishKnish will expand the power of reproducible research beyond doctors and clinical trials.

With its Hypatia application, MyIRE helps its users create knowledge assets called Digital Research Objects (“DROs”). WishKnish allows anyone to create an e-commerce experience to market and sell DROs using digital currency or traditional currency. WishKnish’s expertise in building Blockchain solutions, incentivization methods and secure data delivery will expand the universe for the secure generation and transfer of these knowledge assets to a growing userbase of more than eight million.

“Finding answers to complex questions using processes that can be repeated by others isn’t easy. MyIRE helps its users find answers to questions in ways that can be repeated by others asking those same questions, reducing redundancies and saving valuable time. MyIRE stores the value of these knowledge assets in a way that users can reuse, license, and even monetize their assets.” says MyIRE CEO Mark Graves, Jr.

In conjunction with the launch of its Hypatia application, MyIRE users will be able to extract pieces of knowledge from articles through annotating and tagging, and then licensing and selling their work. MyIRE has already added over two-million open access articles from PubMed Central, and is continuing to add publicly available data sources to its platform that are available to users of MyIRE. WishKnish gives the ability to create storefronts for this data in its eco-system, rewards users for participating and handles the financial transactions using their digital currency payment methods or fiat currency.

Lisa Gus, CEO of WishKnish states, “We are thrilled to have an industry innovator like MyIRE join our growing ecosystem. Our Blockchain solutions offer an easy aggregation of health data in a secure, trusted, automated, and error-free way. This allows users to easily select their data, sometimes from different sources, and share what they choose to with their physicians and even researchers. Of course, we streamline efficiencies, but we also generate revenue streams for our partners and our users. The ability to harness and make use of your data is a great feat. Having the ability to monetize your data within the same platform is a game changer”.

Transparency, incentivization, a seamless collaborative experience all the while giving users the ability to monetize and make use of their data is just the beginning of what is to come from the collaboration between MyIRE and WishKnish.

For questions regarding WishKnish, please contact Lisa Gus at alisa@wishknish.com

For questions regarding MyIRE, please contact Mark Graves, Jr. at mark@myire.com

WishKnish Strategic Partnership
MyIRE, Inc Support
16 January, 2019
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