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Medical and scientific research is facing a crisis of reproducibility and fraud.The number of published scientific studies is on the rise,3but so is the number of studies retracted due to fraud or found to be otherwise irreproducible.

We believe a significant contributor to the crises of reproducibility and fraud is that the marketplace lacks a comprehensive scientific software platform which supports all stages of a clinical study from hypothesis generation and budgeting to regulatory submissions and study publications.

Instead, researchers today are faced with numerous,disparate and closed-source tools offered by multiple software vendors to support various stages of any study, with such tools not readily supporting interoperability or the fluid transfer of data from one stage to the next or amongst multiple organizations or groups within an organization thereby challenging the integrity of study data.

We believe that such impediments to data integrity and transferability, as well as the failure of many existing software tools to mandate consistency in the execution of protocols, contribute not only to the crises of reproducibility and fraud, but also to high costs and waste associated with medical and scientific research and to poor medical advice and patient care. In this white paper,we present My Integrated Research Environment (“MyIRE”) as a novel technology that we believe will increase clinical trial throughput and simultaneously increase their process and data integrity.As a comprehensive scientific software platform,

MyIRE is designed to provide end-to-end support for clinical trials supported by blockchain-enabled features to facilitate data integrity and transferability, as well as to confirm consistency of protocol execution, and therefore generate improved study results through reproducibility. We present a disruptive economic model showing how we anticipate this result will be achieved for a fraction of the cost associated with, and resulting from,using existing tools.

We believe this combination of a novel technology and the proposed economic model provides a compelling case for a new cryptocurrency token

MYR Token Paper
MyIRE, Inc Support
2 June, 2018
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