About Us

Our Experts

The MyIRE team unites like minded individuals who share the belief that creating easy to use scientific platforms can revolutionize the research process.

The team is united by our founder, whose passion for reproducible research drove him to drop out of Northwestern Medical School to build our platform after years of frustration reinventing the wheel of research tools.

Together, we make reproducible research a reality by making it cheaper, faster, and easier than conventional methods

Our Team

Whats in a Name?

MyIRE stands for My Integrated Research Environment.

Intelligent, Integrated Tools

MyIRE borrows from the computer science world where an "Integrated Development Environment" allows developers to collaborate worldwide using a common set of tools.

Built by Investigators, For Investigators

MyIRE purposefully includes "IRE", lest we, as researchers forget the frustration of dealing with disparate, siloed tools.  We count executives and scientists of all kinds amongst us.


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Empowering Inquiry

Every day, researchers are bogged down, mired in the distraction of working against and around the tools at their disposal. MyIRE empowers you to add "why" and find answers.

Liberating your data

Every year, billions of dollars and millions of lives are lost despite the best efforts of imperfect human researchers.  Commercial interests shouldn't make that worse.  Own your data, make a difference, at no cost to you.