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This is one of medicine’s dirty secrets: Most results, including those that appear in top-flight peer-reviewed journals, can’t be reproduced

Glen Begley, Amgen WSJ

The glut of available research technologies have not led to more precise, accurate, and accountable clinical trials, which both Patients and Industry rely on. Rather, the lack of interoperability worsens an erosion of public trust in science driven by a high failure rate in the ability to replicate studies and massive waste in research funding.

MyIRE, on the other hand, was created to become a public utility for scientific integrity: an interoperable, end-to-end solution for reproducible research. For the first time ever, we can reproduce entire clinical trials with the click of a button.


What's in a Name?

MyIRE (pronounced my-uhr) stands for "My Integrated Research Environment"


Intelligent, Integrated Tools

MyIRE borrows from the computer science world, where an "Integrated Development Environment" allows developers to collaborate worldwide using common tools.


Built by Investigators, For Investigators

MyIRE purposefully includes "IRE", lest we, as researchers, forget the frustration of dealing with disparate, siloed tools. We count both Rocket Scientists and PhD Nano-Pharma CEO's amongst us.


Empowering Inquiry

Every day, researchers are bogged down, mired in distraction of working against and around the tools at their disposal. MyIRE empowers you to add "y" and find answers.


Yours, Free

Every year, billions of dollars and millions of lives are lost despite the best efforts of imperfect human researchers. Commercial interests shouldnt make that worse. Own your data, make a difference, at no cost to you.

End-To-End Reproducibility

We lower the barrier to high integrity research by supplementing a researcher's process with intelligent, integrated tools.


Reference Management meets Knowledge Generation

Design and implement literature reviews while MyIRE creates structured knowledge from your process and findings.


Precision Controlled Participant Flow

Create and conduct scientifically and financially sound work flows while MyIRE keeps track of the details.


Seamlessly Facilitated Complete Accountability

From smart budgets to remote monitoring and data access audits, MyIRE has you covered, so you can focus on participants.


Research Publishing for the Digital Age

Create interactively explorable scientific literature by letting MyIRE be the co-author you wish you always had.


Stand on the Shoulders of Giants

Create derivative works by licensing expertly curated reproducible research.


Tools, on Your Terms

License your research findings as you see fit by extending the work of others while MyIRE protects your data. It's not ours unless you say so.

Our Experts

The MyIRE team unites like minded individuals who share the belief that creating easy to use scientific platforms can revolutionize the research process. Our clinical team has managed and implemented over 800 clinical trials including Phase 0, I, II, II, and IV involving pharmaceuticals, devices, and procedures. They have been audited twice by the FDA for being the highest enroller and received high compliments from the auditors for excellent medical records, investigator oversight, and trial organization. The team is united by our founder, whose passion for reproducible research drove him to drop out of Northwestern Medical School to build our platform after years of frustration working with existing tools.

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