Why We All Need MyIRE

This is one of medicine’s dirty secrets: Most results, including those that appear in top-flight peer-reviewed journals, can’t be reproduced

Glen Begley, Amgen WSJ

Our lives depend on our doctors' advice.

We all get sick, and when we do, we turn to our doctor for their expert opinion on how to navigate the available treatment options.

Our doctors depend on scientific research.

Every care choice and piece of advice your doctor provides is based on medical experiments. These experiments are expensive and time consuming for doctors, patients, and industry.

Most research is not reproducible.

Researchers repeat experiments to verify their accuracy. Unfortunately, researchers often get different results when they repeat experiments. This means your doctor’s expert opinion could be based on faulty evidence.

How Results Get Lost in Translation

Researchers are stuck playing the telephone game of research tools.

Our Technology

We integrate the tools researchers use into a single, reproducible interface.