Unleash Your Inner Giant

Open Source Science Resources (Alpha)

Background Research

Tilt, a Data Visualization Platform, facilitates interactive exploration of background papers, abstracts, and data sets. Work with other scientists in your field to reduce unnecesary replication while fact checking.

Experimental Design

Alexander, an Interoperative eXtensible Protocol Engine, maintains accurate, version controlled records of experimental protocols and their operants. Share with your data sets and publications allowing your work to be easily verified.

Data Collection & Analysis

Newton, an ez-ETL (Extract-Transform-Load) Engine, collects and imports data via a variety of physical and digital media. Quickly transform data among a large body of storage engines. Make all data "Big Data" by sharing and analyzing data across public data sets.


Gutenberg, a Publication Engine, streamlines content creation, citation, and peer review into a single platform. License your work how you see fit.